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Senior Nannies services are tailored to fit your needs. Our caregivers have the ability to provide a wide array of services. Based upon your level of care we will find you the right caregiver to assist you with activities of daily living or skilled nursing care.

We ensure that every care giver is a well trained, licensed, certified, and insured professional. All our caregivers are proficient in English and have excellent communication skills.


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Consultation & Assessments

Primary Care Physician Communication

Your personal care manager will contact your primary care physician to notify him/her of the care being provided and to see if there are any other services the physician believes we should be helping with.

Free Start of Care Nursing Assessment

Once services are set to begin a registered nurse will come to your home to perform a free nursing assessment in order to ensure that the proper plan of care is in place.

Lifestyle Services

Alzheimer’s care

We specialized in assisting patients living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Your personalized caregiver will have experience working with patients who have dealt with memory issues in the past.

Respite care

Short term care for those recovering from an injury or illness.

Medication Management

Reminding the patient when to take their daily medications.

Laundry/linen change

The Caregiver will ensure that laundry is done regularly and linens are cleaned and changed.

Light housekeeping

Our caregivers will keep the house clean and well kept.

Meal preparation

Healthy meals that fit the patient’s dietary needs will be made by their caregiver.

Food and dietary assistance

We assist our clients who struggle eating and feeding themselves


Our trained caregivers assist when the client is having difficulty getting to or remembering to use the restroom


This service includes apply lotions, fixing hair style, shaving, and other grooming needs


For those having trouble getting dress, our trained caregivers will be the extra set of hands assisting the client


Accompanyment to appointments

We will go with the patient to appointments to make sure the client gets their safely and returns home


Whether from a wheel chair or getting in and out of a car our trained staff knows how to perform a proper transfer assist

Grocery Shopping

Our caregivers transport you to the grocery store and are there for whatever assistance you may need. From carrying your groceries to grabbing out-of-reach items, Senior Nannies is there to help.


Senior Nannies doesn't allow you to be limited by any sort of immobility. Our caregivers assist with transporting you anywhere from the dry cleaners to religious services.


When walking and balance become an issue the caregiver assists with fall prevention and safety

Care Manager Services

Our people friendly approach and excellent service will ensure your satisfaction. Senior Nannies goes the extra mile in providing personalized approach to Private Home Care. Your individual care manager will be a direct point of contact for you from Day 1

  •  Discuss your personal and medical need
  • - Work with you in building a personalized care schedule
  • - Contact the patients primary care physician for a plan of care
  • - Organize interviews with caregivers
  • - Check-in to ensure quality of care is of the highest standard
  • - Monitor your needs to determine if the schedule needs to be adjusted
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